Instruments Beyond Borders (IBB) is a registered, charitable society that supports music education in disadvantaged communities at home and abroad.

IBB is entirely volunteer. We believe that access to music contributes to a child's development as a confident, complete, and fully realized person. We have been inspired by programs around the world that make music education available to the most disadvantaged children.

Instruments Beyond Borders collects donated musical instruments in good working condition and delivers them to youth orchestras, bettering the world one instrument at a time. IBB also raises funds to support music education programs. 

Since its founding in 2013 IBB has supported two youth orchestras, the Saint James Music Academy (SJMA) of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, where over two hundred children receive free after school music lessons from professional teachers (along with a  nutritional snack), and the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay, where children play instruments made out of recycled garbage. 

Both of these orchestras harness the power of music to better children’s lives and to support social change in their respective communities. 

IBB depends on public support. Please consider becoming a donor.