Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay

The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura teaches us so much about how much we take for granted in our society, how much waste we produce and how we need to reduce our waste stream and reuse and recycle.


Saint James Music Academy

Saint James Music Academy believes in the power and the joy of music to change lives.

Music is a language that everyone speaks.
Music is a joy that everyone feels.
Music is a doorway to a better world.


Tapestry Music

Tapestry Music has partnered with IBB to collect donated instruments, appraise their value, and store them until they can be given to the Recycled Orchestra or St. James Music Academy. In some cases, Tapestry sells valuable donated instruments to provide funds to buy particular instruments the orchestras require.

Tapestry Music is located at 3607 West Broadway, Vancouver.  (604) 736-3036